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Projects never carried out

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Monument to Prat de la Riba
Castellterçol (Vallès Oriental)

Antoni Gaudí was a great admirer of Enric Prat de la Riba, the first president of the Commonwealth of Catalonia. After the death of this journalist and politician in August 1917, the architect made a sketch of a monument in his memory but soon abandoned the project. Months later, Gaudí’s disciple and collaborator Lluís Bonet Garí recovered the idea, and in October 1918 presented a project for a monument at Castellterçol, Prat de la Riba’s native town. Bonet Garí’s proposal which was not executed either, included the construction of two porches and between these, a tower decorated with wrought iron and the Catalan flag, of clearly Gaudian inspiration and probably recovered from the original sketches of his master. 

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