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Projects never carried out

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Monument to Jaume I
Plaça de Ramon Berenguer El Gran. Barcelona

In 1907 Antoni Gaudí was invited to raise a monument to Jaume I in the environs of the Cathedral of Barcelona as part of the commemoration of the seventh centenary of the birth of this king of the Crown of Aragon the following year. The architect responded with a proposal that went beyond a simple statue and involved changes to the urban landscape. Taking advantage of the imminent opening up of a new through road in the district, the future Via Laietana, Gaudí suggested that they should also plan a new square to house the monument. He also proposed to make substantial changes to the finish of buildings nearby including the Cathedral and the Chapel of Santa Àgueda. Gaudí’s ambitious was not accepted, but curiously years later a square was built where the architect had proposed, dedicated to the great-great-grandfather of Jaume I, the Count of Barcelona Ramon Berenguer The Great. 

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