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Projects never carried out

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Hotel Attraction
Manhattan. New York (USA)

In May 1908, two American financiers passing through Barcelona approached Antoni Gaudí to construct a hotel on the Manhattan Island. The architect was enthusiastic about the project and made some initial sketches. If it had materialised it would have been one of the most spectacular of Gaudí's works, but in the end it was rejected due to the financial and technical complexity of its construction which would have taken the best part of a decade.

Gaudí proposed the building as a monumental tourist attraction, with a giant central body 360 metres high with space for guests: five floors with restaurants dedicated to all five continents, several floors for exhibitions and leisure, and at the top on the ninth floor, the Homage to America room, a great space 125 metres high, like an extended version of the central lounge of the Güell Palace, covered with a skylight, that would serve as a privileged vantage point over New York and crowned with an immense star. Around this central building there would have been eight annexes with façades similar to La Pedrera to accommodate the hotel rooms. All nine towers would have had parabolic forms similar to those of the project for the crypt in the Colònia Güell. 

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