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Projects never carried out

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Franciscan Missions
Tangiers (Morocco)

During the second half of 1891, Antoni Gaudí accompanied the second Marquis of Comillas, Claudio López y López, on a journey through Andalusia and northern Africa, where they visited the cities of Ceuta and Tangiers, where Claudio López intended to fund the construction of some Franciscan missions. After studying the terrain, Gaudí worked on a project throughout 1892 and 1893. Although Gaudí's proposal was approved by the Capitular Congregation of Tangiers in October 1893, it was never built, probably due to unrest in the area during the first Rif War, although economic problems of his sponsor at the time must also have played their part.

Gaudí's project, of which only a plan survives, was very ambitious and anticipated some of the solutions that he would apply later like the thirteen towers, very similar to those raised at the Sagrada Familia. The missions would have had a central church surrounded by courtyards and other enclosures for schools and a hospital, surrounded by a circular wall with parabolic doors and hyperbolic windows. 

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