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Projects never carried out

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Façade of the Sanctuary of Mercy in Reus
Plaça del Santuari de la Misericòrdia, s/n. Reus (Baix Camp)

In Spring 1903 Antoni Gaudí visited Reus accompanied by some of his collaborators to present a project to the Administrative Board of the Sanctuary of Mercy for the reform of the façades of the city’s Renaissance Gothic church, dedicated to its patron saint. The architect’s proposal of which only a pair of sketches remain envisaged building a monumental porch crowned by a great sculpture of the Virgin. The sanctuary board approved Gaudí's idea in July 1903 and that same month the council gave him permission to start the works. But they were immediately halted by a disagreement between residents and the board which finally made the project unviable. So Gaudí was unable to complete the only commission he ever had from his native city. 

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