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Projects never carried out

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Degree work

The genius of Antoni Gaudí already shone in the works he did as part of the ‘Projects’ subject of his architecture degree. Although not intended to be built, Gaudí’s designs were exhaustive down to the smallest detail. These projects anticipated the monumental feel and symbolism of the architect’s later work in their neo-Mediaevalist style, so in vogue at the time.

The projects presented by Gaudí for his teachers’ evaluation included the door for a cemetery (September 1875), whose plan and decoration represented the New Testament book of the Apocalypse; a yard for Barcelona Provincial Council (October 1876) with an iron and metal skylight which recalls the skylight in the Born Market, then under construction; a sumptuous royal wharf for a lake (November 1876); a monumental fountain for Plaça de Catalunya, Barcelona (June 1877), with elements shared with the Ciutadella Park waterfall in which Gaudí collaborated; and for his final examination (January 1878), the main hall of a university. Gaudí also began projects for a general hospital in Barcelona and a pavilion for the 1876 Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia, but these have not survived and it is not clear whether they were ever completed. 

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