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Projects never carried out

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Chapel for Alella Church
Alella (El Maresme)

Antoni Gaudí spend some of his summers in Alella, at the villa of his client Manuel Vicens i Montaner, who had commissioned the Casa Vicens in Gràcia. He designed a cupboard and a fireplace for the villa.

His stays in Alella led to Gaudí receiving a commission to build the chapel of the Holy Virgin in the local parish church of Saint Felix, and he presented the design in July 1883. The chapel, of Gothic inspiration, with altar and altarpiece, incorporated many elements inspired by the Apocalypse, including seven large windows with images of the angels of the Last Judgement, which Gaudí would also use in the Sagrada Familia. The chapel was never built in spite of being approved by the bishopric of Barcelona in 1886. 

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