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Standard of Reus residents in Barcelona
Reus (Baix Camp)

On 22 April 1900 a pilgrimage was made to the sanctuary of the Virgin of Mercy of Reus, to celebrate the turn of the century. Gaudí participated as a member of the group of Reus residents in Barcelona, presided over by a standard designed by the architect himself. It consisted of a bamboo cane with metal overlays, topped by a cross and a Virgin of Mercy in aluminium. Below on the insignia in embossed leather was an image of shepherdess Isabel Besora, who tradition had it was visited by the Virgin in 1592 (on the front), and the rose of Reus on a shield of Catalonia (on the back), the whole surrounded by a rosary with aluminium and bronze beads.

Fifty standards were displayed during the procession, three of which were chosen as an offering to the Virgin, including Gaudí’s. The work was destroyed in a fire at the Sanctuary of Mercy in July 1936. 

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