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Furniture for the Sagrada Familia
Carrers Mallorca, Marina, Provença and Sardenya. Barcelona

Antoni Gaudí designed some furniture and liturgical objects for the church of the Sagrada Familia. Most of this was for the crypt, where the first mass was held on 19 March 1885 although masses were not celebrated regularly until 1890 and the church was not in parish hands until 1907. The architect also directed and supervised decorative work for the crypt’s chapels with their altars, and the entrance doors to the sacristy.

Of the church’s furniture, Gaudí was responsible for designing benches and chairs, cupboards for the sacristy, a confessional and a portable pulpit, all made by carpenter Joan Munné. Other liturgical items in wrought iron and bronze included lecterns, lamps for the chapel of Sant Josep, and a great triangular candelabrum. For the font Gaudí used a great sea scallop as in the crypt of the Colònia Güell. Some of these objects disappeared in the fire in the Sagrada Familia crypt in 1936 at the start of the Spanish Civil War. 

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