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Furniture in the Casa Calvet
Carrer Casp, 48. Barcelona

After completing the Casa Calvet Gaudí designed a set of furniture for its owners, made at the Casas i Bardés workshops. For the Calvet family flat, the architect made sofas, armchairs and chairs for the main living room as well as two mirrors for the hall and chairs for the dining room. The gilded wood with wrought iron and cord upholstery lounge furniture still shows the style of Gaudí's early designs, But the hall mirrors and dining-room chairs, carved from oak to form sinuous profiles, already reveal the bolder side of the architect as designer. The same organic forms are repeated in the furniture for Calvet's offices on the ground floor. The curves of this excellent set of desks and ergonomic seats anticipate Surrealist aesthetics. 

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