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Furniture and bandstand for the first Marquis of Comillas
Chapel-mausoleum at Sobrellano and gardens of the Marquis of Comillas’ house. Comillas (Cantabria)

Impressed by Gaudí’s work on the showcase for the Comella glove factory, Eusebi Güell commissioned the young architect to design some furniture for his brother-in-law, Antonio López y López, one of the most important businessmen in Spain. Antonio López had just received the title of Marquis of Comillas, and to celebrate this had arranged for the Palace of Sobrellano and an adjoining chapel-mausoleum to be built in his home town. For the chapel Gaudí designed benches, chairs and kneelers, all decorated in carved bass-relief incorporating plant and animal forms (dragons, dogs and eagles).

The chapel-mausoleum and Gaudí’s furniture were inaugurated in summer 1881 during a visit of the royal family to Comillas. Antonio López gave Gaudí another commission for this event: the construction of a bandstand to ornament the gardens of his house in Villa Càntabra, which the architect resolved with a structure of wood, iron and glass, of oriental influence. After the death of the first Marquis in 1883 the bandstand was moved to the Güell estate in Les Corts (formerly a village and now part of Barcelona), where it remained until it disappeared. 

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