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Decoration and liturgical furnishings for Mallorca Cathedral
Plaça de la Seu. Palma de Mallorca (Illes Balears)

As part of the restoration of Mallorca Cathedral, Antoni Gaudí did not confine himself to a masterly redistribution of the interior, he also personally directed the decoration of some of this space as well as designing several liturgical elements. The architect encircled the presbytery with a beautiful wrought iron grille. Within this area he placed four columns around the altar featuring wrought iron decorations, and soaring over the whole raised a spectacular baldachin, suspended from the ceiling, which in turn supported a series of oil lamps. In the Royal Chapel he decorated one wall with ceramic plaques representing the coats of arms of the Bishops of Mallorca and glazed the rose window and two other large windows with polychrome glass. On the first two columns in the central aisle he located two new pulpits while on the others he placed wrought iron candelabras. Particularly striking among the furnishings was a folding staircase for the exposition of the Holy Sacrament made of wrought iron and wood and with elegant curved banisters. Gaudí also designed benches for celebrants at the altar, stools, a faldstool and a lectern. 

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