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Banner and decoration for the Cooperativa Obrera Mataronense

As well as several architectural works, Gaudí was responsible for some decorative elements at the Cooperativa Obrera Mataronense. In 1874 he designed the emblem of the textile cooperative, in which a pair of bees (symbol of hard work) flew over a loom surrounded by thistles. This design was probably the same as the one he used in the organisation’s banner, embroidered by sisters Pepeta and Agustina Moreu, teachers at the cooperative and which has now disappeared. The sign was crowned by a metal bee, one of Gaudí’s works which has survived.

Gaudí was also commissioned to decorate the cooperative’s bleaching factory, which he himself had built, for a party there on 27 July 1885. No images of the event have survived, but from contemporary accounts we know that the architect decorated the space with a waterfall surrounded by vegetation. 

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