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Ideas for schools

If you're a student or teacher and haven’t come to visit us yet, you’ve got homework to do! Here are some ideas for the inaugurated 2015-16 school year that we’ve designed especially with you in mind.

When you and your class come see us, you’ll find a fun, cultural activity adapted to each grade level. We offer you a unique way to learn about Gaudí and his work through the most innovative audiovisual technology. Schools that visit us not only enjoy all the learning possibilities of our models and interactive walls thanks to the guided visit that we customise to each level, but also a 4D projection though which they will discover what Gaudí was capable of and feel the power of his magical world. Quite literally.

Not only will they learn about Gaudí’s life and training, but also how he generated shapes and spaces and the artistic and symbolic value of the work of the master of Modernisme. Here is the whole dossier of activities available.

Second idea. This year, we’re holding the 2nd edition of our school contest. If you’re in 5th of primary at a school in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area, you can participate in the photography contest ‘Gaudí, architect of nature’ and win a free visit to Gaudí Experiència and Park Güell for your whole year, among other prizes. Follow this link [] to find out how it works and how to enter.

And if that weren’t enough, we also have educational resources available for you that we developed with the educational network Tiching. ICT offers a whole world of possibilities for making learning fun and motivational, and we’ve made the most of them to bring Gaudí’s creative universe to the youngest among us without losing our innovative, fun spirit in adapting the contents to each level, from primary to baccalaureate. Because you can also learn through playing; in fact, it’s the best way.

This year, don’t miss the chance to see Gaudí through new eyes.

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