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Gaudí Experiència for schools: an unforgettable visit

Students in front of the multi-user interactive walls og Gaudí Experiència

Gaudí Experiència opened its doors in July 2012, offering a new way for everyone to learn about the genius architect of Modernisme, Antoni Gaudí. In just over a year, Gaudí Experiència has become a benchmark in Barcelona on the work of Gaudí: having welcomed tens of thousands of visitors and become a recommended visit for schools from all over.

Gaudí Experiència offers fun, educational activities for schools, fitting each age group and based on milestones and curricular items to work on skills at each school level. Furthermore, the visits are always led by our guides, who run the activity. This year, we have received visits from schools all over Catalonia and Spain, as well as France, Germany and the Netherlands.

The first stop on the visit is the highlight of Gaudí Experiència, the audiovisual projection with cutting-edge 4D technology: moving seats, surround sound, air and water effects…all to submerge visitors young and old in the creative universe of Gaudí, allowing them to be excited and inspired by nature, as Gaudí was.

Afterwards, the exhibition space is ideal for learning more about Gaudí and his work. This space features multi-user interactive walls, which are large touch screens where visitors can browse through detailed information on Gaudí. All of the contents exhibited are backed up by Director of the UPC Gaudí Chair Jaume Sanmartí. Biography, architectural work, furniture, decoration and design, as well as unfinished projects, which are all of the buildings that, in the end, only ever existed on paper.

This space also features two large models of Gaudí’s work: of the sala hipòstila at Park Güell and of Hotel Attraction, a building Gaudí designed for Manhattan, New York, but was never constructed. The fun, educational activities at Gaudí Experiència can be complemented with a guided tour of Park Güell.

It’s been proven: the 4D audiovisual, with all the excitement and enthusiasm it brings out of students of all ages, opens their minds and prepares them to pay attention to the more academic activities we do later, with the interactive walls. Sometimes we wonder who enjoys it more, the children that come to visit or us seeing their joyful faces. We love welcoming schools!

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