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G Experiència for schools: a new way to learn about Gaudí

Visitor interacting with the digital panel at Gaudí Experiència.

Less than a five-minute walk from Park Güell, G Experiència (also known as Gaudí Experiència) is the new way to learn about Gaudí and his work. Opened last July, Gaudí Experiència has already welcomed more than 20,000 visitors this summer and is consolidating its position as the benchmark space on the work of Antoni Gaudí in Barcelona. The 4D audiovisual on the creative universe of the architect and the interactive informational panels, endorsed by the UPC’s Gaudí Chair, make Gaudí Experiència a not-to-be-missed visit for both families and school groups. For this audience, we have created various age-appropriate educational proposals. 

Thanks to its three focal points, Gaudí Experiència is a fresh approach to this famous Catalan architect. First of all, we have the audiovisual experience, which with 4D technology, moving seats and air and water effects, sets the ideal scene to immerse the audience in the creative universe of Gaudí. What inspired him? What role did nature play in his architectural work? 

Plus, with multi-user interactive walls –large tactile screens that allow various people to interact at the same time- visitors can take a leisurely stroll through more detailed information on Gaudí. All of the information on display has been endorsed by the head of the UPC’s Gaudí Chair, Jaume Sanmartí. Biography, architectural work, furniture and decoration, as well as work that was never produced: all those buildings that, in the end, have only ever existed on paper. This is the case of the Attraction Hotel that the Catalan architect designed for the island of Manhattan, in New York. Gaudí was never able to see it built but here at G Experiència visitors have the chance to learn all about it and, even, to see what it would have looked like. In the model area visitors find a reproduction created according the original plans and a scale model of Park Güell. Great for discovering all its hidden nooks and crannies.

The visit for schoolchildren is designed as an accompanied tour. The contents are adapted to the age and educational level of the visitors and also include a visit to Park Güell. Click here to download the 2012-2013 dossier of Educational Programs (in Spanish) at G Experiència. To learn more about the exhibit, visit For more information, contact:
Silvia Josenje
Tel.  93 285 44 40


Barcelona is definitely a great city

Barcelona is definitely a great city. There are so much to do and to see. The work of Gaudi is all over the place and make the city even more beuatiful. Not the best place to rest, there so much sightseeing to do and so many parties to go to at night, you kind of need another week of vacation after going to Barcelona!

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