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Architecture Work

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Wall and entry gate of the Miralles Estate
Passeig Manuel Girona, 55-61. Barcelona

Between 1901 and 1902 Antoni Gaudí built the wall and the entrance gate for the estate of his friend, printer and manufacturer of pressed cardboard tiles Ermenegild Miralles i Anglès in Sarrià, an outlying village incorporated into Barcelona in 1921. The architect’s design for the enclosure, of which only a small part is still standing, involved a stone wall and undulating metal grille. The wall joins the gate through a sinuous trefoil arch in which there are two separate doors for carriages and people, also using original curved forms. Two large fibre cement canopies spanning the gate in the shape of a tortoise shell protect both entrances. Finally there are two excellent examples of Gaudí's wrought iron work: the grille on the pedestrian entrance and the four-armed cross above the gate. 

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