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Torre Damià Mateu, La Miranda
Carrer Major. Llinars del Vallès (Vallès Oriental)

“La Miranda” is the popular name of a lookout tower built between 1906 and 1907 at one end of the estate in Llinars del Vallès, beside the Giola river bed, where industrialist Damià Mateu i Bisa spent his summers. It was a present from Mateu to his wife, who used it as a sewing room and for meeting her friends. The ground floor was also used as a garage. Only a drawing remains of the La Miranda project, signed by Gaudí’s disciple Francesc Berenguer i Mestres, but some experts believe that Gaudí himself took part in the work and that this like the Güell Wineries in El Garraf would therefore be a cooperation between the two architects,.

The tower, with three floors and a cylindrical profile, was made of brick and board and covered from the observation point upwards with a dome lined with blue and white ceramic trencadis that recalls the coach house in the Güell estate. From one side of the tower to the other ran a wall very similar to that of the Miralles estate surrounding the Mateu property. The entrance gate had a wrought iron grille designed to resemble a fisherman's net, like the gate at the Güell Wineries. La Miranda was badly damaged in 1939 towards the end of the Spanish Civil War, when a van of TNT of the retreating republican army exploded alongside it. Abandoned for decades, it was demolished in 1962. Only the entrance gate was saved and transferred to Park Güell. 

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