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Architecture Work

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Teresian School
Carrer de Ganduxer, 85-105. Barcelona

Early in 1889 Antoni Gaudí took charge of the works for the school and headquarters of the religious order of the Teresians in the village of Sant Gervasi de Casseroles, now part of Barcelona. Construction of the school had begun the previous year to the project of another architect, which was abandoned when only the foundations had been built. Gaudí respected the initial floor plan but changed the building's appearance, transforming it into one of his most personal creations.

Unlike many of Gaudí's works, the Teresian School used few resources in line both with the limited resources of the congregation and the nuns’ vows of poverty. Using cheap material wherever possible, Gaudí designed the school as an original Neo Gothic castle with a façade that combined boarding and brick. The aesthetics of the resulting building incorporate many religious symbols: anagrams of Jesus Christ, Carmelite shields, four-armed crosses on the corner towers, and mortar-boards on the battlements in reference to Saint Teresa. Gaudí's traditional parabolic arches are present on the façade, in the windows and the access porch, the latter closed with an elegant wrought-iron grille. Arches are repeated inside the building, in the passages that run around the inner courtyard and the form one of the most atmospheric spaces of the architect's work. 

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