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Architecture Work

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Gardens of Can Artigas
Camí La Pobla – Clot del Moro. La Pobla de Lillet (Berguedà)

In 1905 Antoni Gaudí spent a few days a La Pobla de Lillet to supervise the construction of the Catllaràs chalet. The architect stayed at the house of textile manufacturer Joan Artigas i Alart and in return for his hospitality gave the industrialist the sketch of a design for his gardens at the Font de la Magnèsia, near Artigas’ factory. Some months later Gaudí sent some of the workmen from the Park Güell to La Pobla to help to the local builders to complete the gardens.

Thanks to a system of stone and cement stairs and bridges the Artigas gardens occupy both sides of narrow mountain pass carved out by the River Llobregat. Various elements like a bandstand, a cave and several fountains, fully integrated into the landscape and decorated with allegorical animals representing the four evangelists, make for a restful haven in the midst of nature. 

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