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Architecture Work

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Chaplain's house and workshop of the Sagrada Familia
Carrer Sardenya and Carrer Provença. Barcelona

As the Sagrada Familia progressed, Gaudí used some of the land to put up some provisional auxiliary buildings, which although modest showed characteristic features of his work. The first to be completed in 1887 was the local chaplain’s house, a two-floored brick-built house with belfry. In 1906 the chaplain moved to a new building built beside the former, with a chapel upstairs and a trencadis anagram of the Sagrada Familia on the façade. Gaudí's study was then set up in the vacant house where the architect came to live for the final months of his life. Over the years, annexes were gradually added to both buildings. In July 1936, during the anticlerical uprisings that marked the outbreak of the civil war, the study and the chaplain's house were set on fire. Not only these constructions, but also the whole of Gaudí's archive were destroyed including many plans and models of his projects. 

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