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Architecture Work

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Cellers Güell
Barcelona-Valls road. Sitges (El Garraf)

A group of two buildings on La Cuadra in El Garraf, an estate acquired by Eusebi Güell in 1872, where he produced wine for the ships of the Companyía Transatlàntica. Between 1905 and 1900, Antoni Gaudí and his assistant and disciple Francesc Berenguer i Mestres constructed one building for use as a winery (“cellers”) and another as a porter's lodge. The stone and brick lodge abuts onto a parabolic arch which forms the entrance to the estate and also holds up the stairs to the guardroom. The iron grille on the gate resembles a fisherman’s net.

The other building, the winery itself, is one of the most fascinating of Gaudí's creations. Made entirely of stone, it has a surprising triangular profile with the walls following the shape of the gable roof. Inside, above the basement winery are three floors: the first is a garage, the second accommodation for the administrator, and the top floor a chapel that opens on one side onto a terrace with sea views. The winery with its very expressive chimneys is linked by two parabolic bridges to the estate's original mediaeval country house. 

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