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Architecture Work

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Catllaràs Chalet
Pista Forestal de la Serra del Catllaràs. La Pobla de Lillet (Berguedà)

In July 1904 in Clot del Moro, in the municipality of Castellar de n'Hug on the bank of the River Llobregat the first Portland cement factory in Catalonia was inaugurated, founded by an industrial group headed by Eusebi Güell. The factory was fuelled by coal mined nearby in the pre-Pyrenean Catllaràs mountains. In 1905 Güell commissioned Antoni Gaudí to design a mountain chalet to accommodate the engineers working at the mine.

The Catllaràs chalet is a simple but clearly Gaudian construction whose shape, a single parabolic vault, is both ideal for the snowy climate on this mountain site and recalls the Güell Wineries in El Garraf. The original cement-clad finish was lost, being replaced with slate tiles and many years ago the double circular stairway that Gaudí designed to connect the different floors disappeared. 

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