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Architecture Work

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Casa Fernández y Andrés, Casa Botines
Plaça de San Marcelo. Leon (Castile-Leon)

In 1891 businessmen Simón Fernández and Mariano Andrés commissioned Antoni Gaudí to build the new headquarters of the Fernández y Andrés company in Leon. This banking business was also engaged in the sale of textiles whose buyers included Eusebi Güell, who recommended the architect. Gaudí presented the project in December 1891 and it was started immediately, built in record time and completed in November 1892. The new building soon received the popular name of Casa Botines, in memory of Joan Homs Botinàs, the Catalan businessman established in León, founder of the company which later became Fernández y Andrés.

Like the Episcopal Palace in Astorga, the third and last of Gaudí’s works outside Catalonia was a personal interpretation of the Gothic adapted to suit its environment. The façades were built with rusticated limestone that echoes Gothic Renaissance architecture, a style well represented in Leon, and the roof and four cylindrical towers are of slate, an ideal material for areas with snow and that Gaudí only used in this project. Inside, the ground floor with its wrought-iron pillars provided an open space adaptable to the changing needs of a space used for storage and offices. The same innovative system was applied by Gaudí applied years later in La Pedrera. 

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