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Architecture Work

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Bellesguard Villa
Carrer Bellesguard, 16-20. Barcelona

On the slopes of Tibidabo in the former village now part of Barcelona, Sant Gervasi de Casseroles, Antoni Gaudí built a family house that looked like an unusual Gothic castle. This is the house, known as Bellesguard due to its fine views, that Maria Segués i Molins commissioned him to build in 1900 on the site where King Martin the Humanist had lived in the sixteenth century. The architect took advantage of some of the surviving ruins to construct an architectural homage to Catalonia’s glorious mediaeval past. Unmistakably a Gaudí construction, Bellesguard is full of references to Gothic art, including its trefoil arches, twin balconied windows and battlements that accentuated its castle-like appearance. The building itself is made from stone and adobe and clad with an innovative stone mosaic, and topped with a great tower finished with the Catalan flag and a four-armed cross. Particularly fine in the interior are the hall lit by a large star-shaped window and the attic, similar to those in the Casa Batlló that Gaudí was building at around the same time.

As well as the house, in the Bellesguard estate there is a slim viaduct constructed by Gaudí in 1908 over the Betlem stream. The following year, the architect stopped work on the villa with some details still unfinished, and it was completed by his disciple Domènec Sugrañes i Gras in 1917. 

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